‘The Bachelor’ stars in new ad for online dating platform ad.com

With its debut episode, the latest season of The Bachelor hit its stride with a new commercial that offers a little insight into the game’s newest member.

The ad is titled “The Bachelor: The Truth About Dating.”

The spot was directed by the popular reality series creator Rob McElhenney, and it offers some of the series’ biggest fans some insight into how the game is being played.

In the commercial, McElheney gives some background on the game and tells the story of his wife, who was dating a different Bachelor.

McElhenney’s wife was in the process of moving in with him when they heard about the game.

She’s a former reality TV contestant, and was already a popular figure on social media.

The Bachelor star then tells the couple that he and his wife aren’t sure about dating the Bachelor in the long term.

McELHANNEY: But what I am certain of is that if you’re ready for a relationship, it’s never going to happen.

The Bachelor: Truth About Dating is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Roku and Amazon.

The commercial opens with the couple meeting up in the hotel lobby.

The ad then cuts to a scene where they’re discussing the game with each other.

McElhalys wife is standing next to him, while the Bachelor is sitting next to her.

The couple is talking about the rules of the game, which includes choosing your first date.

When the Bachelor says that she’s not sure about going to the Bachelor’s bachelor party, McLahey says, “You know, I’m just not sure how much longer I want to be with you.

The next couple I go to, we’re going to go to the bachelor party.”

As the couple is discussing the rules, the Bachelor asks, “Do you know what you should do if you go to a Bachelor’s party?”

The Bachelor then tells McLaherys, “The truth is, the more you want it, the less you have to do it.”

As they’re talking about what to do if they’re going, McLawhney says, “(My wife) has no idea what the Bachelor does.”

McElhney then says, “[The Bachelor] is the most dangerous man I’ve ever met.”

The Bachelor’s Bachelor: True Stories feature the Bachelor himself, as well as his wife and their two kids.

McLahey is a reality television contestant who is the wife of The Bachelorette and a host of the daytime TV show.

He is also the creator of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The new commercial, which is part of The Big Bang Theory, is available now on the Big Bang theory.

It was directed and produced by David Koechner.

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