Why are ads on the web so expensive?

Google recently updated its privacy policy to include a section outlining how its ad network and its partners can use the data they collect from its users.

The update also includes a section detailing how the companies can share that data with advertisers.

It states that Google is not allowed to sell or sell personal data to advertisers or anyone else.

The privacy policy also specifies that users cannot create or share apps or websites that track users’ online activities.

The move came after a series of controversial revelations about the way advertising works on the Google AdSense network, which is used to provide advertisers with direct access to the websites and apps users use to browse the web.

Privacy advocates have long argued that the way ads are structured on Google’s network is a breach of users’ privacy.

However, there have been growing calls to close the platform entirely.

Advertisers on Google have complained about the scale of the network’s adverts, and the fact that many of the websites on the network are used to promote products and services that do not actually exist.

The policy also makes it clear that the company does not sell or share personal information about its users, even if that data is used for ad targeting.

But some have criticised the update, saying it is not comprehensive enough. 

Advertising on the internet: what is it good for?

What do you need to know? 

The privacy policy says that Google’s partners may use and disclose information “for the purpose of facilitating and managing advertising arrangements with third parties”. 

Google says that this means that advertisers can ask the company for information about users’ browsing habits and browsing behaviour.

It adds that these third parties may use the information for their own marketing purposes.

This includes using it for their adverts and to improve the performance of their ad campaigns.

Google says that it only uses data that is required to perform advertising on its network. 

 What happens if I don’t agree with Google’s new policy? 

 In addition to the privacy policy, Google is also publishing a list of changes that it has made to its privacy policies over the last year.

The changes include a change to the way that users can opt out of its ad-tracking program, which was introduced in June 2016.

This means that users who opt out will not be able to see their browsing history and how much money they spend on advertising.

It also includes new privacy policies for the advertising partners that Google partners with, such as Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter.

Google is currently in the process of updating these policies with its partners. 

Google is also changing its privacy practices across the world.

In May, it said that it was working with data protection authorities around the world to improve data protection and consumer rights.

Google said it was now working to bring its privacy practice in line with European privacy standards. 

What are the big privacy questions? 

Advertisers are concerned that the data the companies are sharing with advertisers will allow them to track users around the globe, even when they are offline.

The data can also be used to identify which countries have the highest internet penetration and to target advertisements in countries with high internet penetration. 

Is the policy adequate? 

In its latest privacy policy update, Google said that the changes to the information it collects were necessary to address some of the privacy concerns it had raised with regulators.

The company added that it would continue to improve its data privacy practices in line the evolving data protection standards.

But it said it had taken steps to address privacy concerns in other areas, such the way it handles the personal information it uses from advertisers. 

How can I know if my data has been used in any way? 

If you want to know if your data has ever been shared with a third party, you can do a quick search on the name of the company, which can give you a list that contains more details about the company. 

However, the companies that use the platform are not required to tell you the details of the data that they use.

Instead, Google uses this information to identify advertising partners and advertisers.

This allows Google to provide targeted advertising to advertisers based on the advertisers’ preferences and interests. 

If I choose to opt out, does Google still track my browsing behaviour? 

Google says it does not track users when they have opted out.

However it does say that the search engine does collect information on how people browse the internet.

It says this data is not shared with advertisers or third parties, and it will not sell it to anyone else without their consent. 

Why do I have to opt in to opt-out? 

You can opt-in to opt for or out of Google’s advertising network.

You can also opt-outs for a certain number of pages, or opt-ins for certain categories. 

Does Google have to share my data with other companies? 


Google’s privacy policy only applies to the company it partners with.

If you wish to opt on to the network of companies that Google uses to run its

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