YouTube ad blocker maker clanton advertisers to stop ‘misleading ads’

Clanton, a prominent advertising company, has announced that it is pulling advertising from YouTube in an attempt to prevent “misleading” ads that it claims are being promoted to people.

The company has taken to its website to post a message explaining its decision, explaining that its ad-blocking software is “not designed to collect data from your device.”

The announcement comes less than a month after YouTube said it was taking steps to limit the advertising content on the platform, which it said would be in line with its privacy policy.

Clanton has been a vocal critic of YouTube’s policies, and has called for a ban on its advertising from the platform.

The firm, which makes its money by selling ad-based “advertising pens” on the site, has come under fire for its ads, which were originally meant to be “informative.”

But it has come out against a recent decision by the Federal Trade Commission to ban Clanton ads from YouTube.

According to the FTC, Clanton’s advertising-pen system allows the company to use your data for targeted advertising that is “targeted and tailored to your interests.”

The FTC’s latest ruling cited “anecdotal evidence” that Clanton uses “unintentionally and intentionally collected information” from its users.

“We are pleased that YouTube has agreed to take action to limit ads and ads targeted to your preferences and interests,” Clanton said in a statement.

The FTC is also reviewing the company’s “unprecedented” move to ban ads from its own platform, and it has asked the company for an explanation on how it plans to address concerns about how it collects and uses user data.

YouTube has come down hard on Clanton over its advertising practices in the past, with the company issuing a takedown notice against it last year.

The move has also resulted in a barrage of criticism from users, who have complained about ads appearing on Clandor’s pages, which are displayed alongside other videos from other advertisers.

YouTube says it takes the issue of ad-buying “very seriously” and has vowed to remove all of Clanton ad-stealing ads.

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