Best of The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly! Top 20 Fashion Ads of 2018

We’re taking the rankings of the best fashion ads from 2018, and ranking them by how good or bad they are.

From iconic and unique pieces to high-end fashion collaborations, here’s what we’ve learned. The Good: #1 Puma – ‘Puma Beds’ With this iconic ad, Puma is taking an old-school look at the bed. 

It’s a pretty good ad for the brand and a great start to the year for the company. 

Its also a great way to remind us of Puma’s history with the brand. 

#2 Bathrobe – ‘Dinner for Two’ While the bathrobe isn’t the most visually stunning ad, it is definitely a classic example of Pemex being cool. 

A great ad for PemEx, this bathing suit is also a good reminder of the company’s history. 

“We’re not just about fashion, but we’re also about family, friends and our commitment to the communities we serve,” said Pemecon Chief Marketing Officer Daniel Rizvi. 

Bag: Tulle skirt by L’Oréal – ‘The First-Class Bag’ The first-class bag from L’Oreal is a great example of a Pemeca ad that looks really cool.

The company is also using this design to promote the brand’s new line of premium fragrance, and this one has a lot of color and flair. 

Glow in the dark pink is the most striking of the lot, but it’s definitely not too subtle. 

Shoes: Pemex ‘Pemco Boots’ PemaCorp has been doing some pretty interesting ads lately.

They’ve been using some great, original material to show off the brand, like this pair of sneakers. 

They’re really cute, and it looks like a lot goes into making them. 

Hair: Bravo Hair Design – ‘I Don’t Care If You Don’t Know’ This ad is really an interesting one. 

While it’s not a PemaCorp ad, Bravo Hair Design does have an interesting background. 

Their founder, Alex Pemco, is an entrepreneur who started his own company, which became the company behind a lot the ads in this ad. 

Alex has also worked with Pemeco, so he has a bit of a relationship with the company and they’re clearly working on a partnership. 

Pumas shoes have also been making waves in recent years, as they’re not only the most expensive shoes on the market, but also the most affordable. 

If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, you might want to consider the Pemoco shoes here. Clothing: ‘Pemoco Dress for Two and One’ In this fashion ad, the PemaCo designers are showing off some classic Pemeta style. 

There’s some great color and subtlety to this ad, and I’m sure you’re going to love it. 

You can see the designer wearing a pinafore and some of the accessories, and the designer’s voice is clearly in your head. 

Socks: Menswear by Pemercat – ‘Men’s Socks’ Moms wearing their kids Socks is a pretty cute thing to do. 

I’m a big fan of how the designers have used some of Pema’s classic lines, like these black and white shorts. 

This is a good way to show that Pemero can still be stylish and fun without sacrificing quality. Lingerie: Kochy Swimwear – ‘Kochys Swimsuit’ Kozi is known for making some of his own clothing, but this ad shows just how well the designer has managed to keep the company running. 

Kosi is using this ad to highlight the brand as a brand that values quality and design. 

Check out how the designer is wearing his swimwear. 

Men’s Underwear: Fashion by PemaCeci – ‘Hair and Style’ Fancy looking in a black and gold suit?

You should. 

But that isn’t enough to make this a PEMecis ad.

It’s a great ad to show the company as a company that values style and quality. 

 Lingeries: Haus of Gloi – ‘Nude’ – ‘Ladies’ Haugenberg is known as one of the first brands to adopt Pemera, and their ads are pretty amazing. 

In addition to showing the company off in style, they’ve also shown off some really cool, unique pieces. 

Here’s one that shows off the company in all its glory. 

 Sunglasses: Doron Cosmetics – ‘Makeup, Color, and Design’ If there was one thing that Doron

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