Fox News Advertisers Are Not Allowed to Send Email Directly to Your Address

News Corp. announced Tuesday that it is banning email advertising on Fox News, Fox Business, Fox News Network, and Fox News Sunday.

The move is the latest in a string of moves by the news media giant to restrict the use of direct mail on Fox and Fox Business properties.

In addition to Fox News and FoxBusiness, is also being removed from the network.

The decision comes in response to an investigation that began in May by the Federal Trade Commission.

On May 31, the commission released a report alleging that Fox News mislabeled some of its news content.

Fox News has denied any wrongdoing, while Fox Business has not commented on the investigation.

News Corp.’s announcement comes as Fox News hosts have been criticized by advertisers over their coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings and other topics.

On Tuesday, The New York Times, the Daily Beast, CNN, and MSNBC announced they would not advertise on FoxNews or Fox Business in the coming months.

The Wall Street Journal has also announced it will no longer air on Fox, citing the fallout from the probe.

News of News Corp’s decision to end advertising on came as the network is on the cusp of releasing a new edition of its “FNC Now” programming block, scheduled to air at 6:30 p.m.

ET on Wednesday.

News has also recently moved to a new format, dubbed “FNN Now,” which will be available on Tuesday.

The new format will replace the current “FNR Now” that will air in the evening and will be a combination of “FNLnow” and “FNGnow.”

The network has also said it will move to a “fuzzy” format called “Fuzzy Now” for a time during the summer.

The network also said the new format would not be a part of the original FNCNow.

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