How to write an advert

If you want to be an advert in a game or video game you need to make sure you can be 100% honest with your audience.

If you can’t do that, the advertising industry will take its own route.

Advertisers can only be 100 per cent honest with their audience and if you don’t meet the bar you’ll be penalised.

Here are five rules that every advert needs to follow:Do not say you are an advertiser if you are not.

The only time an advertisers name should appear in a postcard is if it’s clearly visible from the game, video game or other media content.

Don’t use your name to promote a product or service.

It is considered cheating to use your own name to advertise.

If you want an advert to appear in an article on a site, game or any other medium, you must include your own. 

If you do this, your advert will appear in the article.

You must make sure your advert is in a readable format.

In a game, a game publisher will want to include a small section in the bottom of their advert, usually two or three words long, that explains the game or its contents.

It should not contain any text that could be interpreted as offensive or inappropriate.

In-game advertisements must include the following information:If you have a question about an advert, feel free to contact us.

If your advert has been accepted and your advert appears in the news, we will update the article with information about your advert and how you can get involved.

If the ad has been rejected, we’ll take care of any complaints and will contact you to let you know the outcome.

If an advert has failed to meet our quality standards, we may issue a full refund to anyone who pays to have their advert in the paper.

If you paid to have an advert published in The Irish Sun, The Irish Independent, The Herald and The Irish Examiner, we can’t give you a full price.

We’ll also contact you if the advertisement is being published elsewhere.

We may issue refunds to those who have paid for an advert but it is unlikely we will issue refunds for the advert you paid for.

We do not charge fees for online advertisements.

Advertising is free to participate in if you follow the rules above.

If the advert is rejected or not accepted, we reserve the right to reject or change your advert, which will mean you will pay for the ad.

If a player’s ad is rejected for violating our guidelines, they may contact us and we will take the matter up with the player.

If someone doesn’t agree with our guidelines but still wants to participate, they can email us.

If they are not happy with our decisions, they have the option of contacting us.

We’re looking for players who want to learn how to create their own ads, or people who are interested in working with us on an ad campaign.

We accept advertising from players on a regular basis, but only if they are active on Facebook.

We do not allow people who have not played in the past six months to participate.

We may consider a player to be active if they have a profile on the site with more than 10,000 likes and 1,000 shares or comments.

If players choose not to play or if they want to continue to participate but we are unable to reach them, we ask that they email us to let us know their decision.

We also have a strict code of conduct for our players.

If a player breaches this code, they will not be able to participate and will be sent a message stating why they are unable, and a link to an alternative platform for them to share their feedback.

Players who breach this code will be banned from playing the game.

If they do not have a Facebook account, they should contact us to see if they can register one.

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