When to stop using sex ads and other misleading advertising for the holidays

It’s a holiday season that’s all about sex ads.

With over a billion clicks and a whopping $50 million worth of clicks a day, it’s clear sex ads are a big part of the holiday season.

And it’s not just in the holiday ads.

This is one of the main reasons people shop on Amazon, according to a recent study by the consumer marketing company PwC.

The study also revealed that people who shop on other sites are more likely to buy things than those who shop at Amazon.

But it’s worth remembering that most people are unaware of how many ads are out there for sex, or how much they are costing, especially when they’re buying products they can’t even imagine spending money on.

“It is possible that people are not aware that many products and services are advertised as containing or promoting sex,” says Dan Drezner, a consumer expert at Pwc.

But he also says that many people are just trying to make a quick buck and that buying products like tampons and birth control isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

For the past couple of years, sex ads have been getting a lot of scrutiny for misleading messages, which often go against the health messages they’re meant to promote.

In 2015, Pwco reported that ads that advertised condoms or birth control were seen more than 1.2 billion times, and that consumers who clicked on those ads were more likely than people who didn’t to have sex.

“People tend to click on sex ads when they have a negative feeling about a product, but when you look at the ads, it is clear that people aren’t being told the truth about the product,” says Drezners research assistant Elizabeth Johnson.

The PwCO study found that ads featuring women in lingerie, condoms, or birth-control were seen 3.7 billion times and that people were more than twice as likely to purchase a product than people without the ads.

But even when you factor in the many ads that have been removed, PwoC says the number of people clicking on ads that don’t have a positive message about sex is actually pretty small.

“If you’re not being told that the product you’re buying contains or promotes sex, that’s a huge problem,” says Johnson.

Some products, like tampon applicators and menstrual pads, don’t even have a clear sex-promoting message.

For example, the PwoCo study found ads for a brand of menstrual pads advertised that they’re “made to last a lifetime,” which is a false statement.

In fact, menstrual pads made from non-porous silicone are supposed to last longer than their porous counterparts, according the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

So if you’re worried about using the pads, be sure to use a disposable one, says Dzner.

If you do want to buy a menstrual pad, make sure to read the label carefully and ask a question like, “Do I need to replace my tampon or pad?” before buying, he adds.

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