Ethos: What the Republican Party needs to be about

Ethos’ first quarterly survey of GOP voters shows that the party is struggling to regain traction.

The survey, which was conducted by Princeton University in September, found that the GOP’s popularity is declining and that fewer Republicans are considering voting for the GOP.

“The GOP is not making any gains nationally,” said Michael Cohen, co-founder and president of the conservative watchdog group.

“I think we’ve got to stop being so focused on the election, stop being too distracted by it.”

Among those who said they will be voting for Donald Trump in November were those who identified as evangelical Christians.

The poll found that about one-third of those who identify as evangelical Christian will vote for Trump in the Nov. 8 election.

But among those who have said they plan to vote for a third party candidate, just 13 percent said they would vote for the Republican nominee.

The number of evangelical Christians who said that they would support a third-party candidate dropped from 33 percent to 22 percent, according to the poll.

Trump is polling at between 5 percent and 10 percent in the new survey, according the Washington Post.

Trump has struggled in his bid to reclaim the Republican nomination, leading in several key states in the primary but falling short of clinching the nomination.

The Post found that Trump’s campaign is facing a major challenge from the left.

The report found that half of Democrats who identify themselves as liberals said they believe Trump’s presidency has been a “failure” and half said they think he is a good president.

“His presidency is a failure,” said Ashley Kuebler, a 26-year-old Democrat who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. “It’s a failure for the country.

He’s a mess, and he’s a problem.

And so I think he’s doing really well in New York.”

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