Health insurance company plans to pull ads on Facebook after controversy over anti-abortion video

By Lauren FriesenPublished May 08, 2018 07:53:47In a move that would leave more than one-third of the online advertising market open to competitors, a major health insurer on Thursday announced that it will pull ads from Facebook and YouTube in the coming weeks.

The announcement was made at a Web conference in Boston by the American College of Cardiology, the nation’s largest medical association.

Advertisers will not be allowed to use the company’s own ads to promote their products or offer discounts or offers.

The insurer said that the decision was taken after discussions with health plans and advertisers.

The decision is not retroactive, so advertisers will not have to change their advertisements, said Sarah Brown, president and chief executive officer of the American Academy of Associa-Trialists.

She did not give any details of the advertiser groups that will be impacted.

Advertising on Facebook and Twitter has been an increasingly contentious issue for the group, which represents doctors and health care professionals across the United States and has long complained about the company, which it says is using its power to limit freedom of speech.

In January, Facebook announced that its ad platform would allow advertisers to show their messages as they normally would on the social network.

The announcement prompted criticism from other health care groups.

On Thursday, American College Cardiology said that it was also reviewing its policies on Facebook advertising.

The group also says that it does not support using Facebook’s platform to promote the anti-choice group Americans United for Life.

In a statement, the group said that Facebook’s announcement “does not reflect our position on the subject.”

“We strongly believe that all health care providers have a right to freedom of expression,” the statement said.

“The American College is proud of our strong opposition to discrimination in our society.

In addition, we believe that freedom of association is a fundamental right for all members of society, and we stand firmly against any attempts by the government or other entities to restrict it.”

We remain committed to the freedom of all Americans to participate in our political, economic and cultural life.

We stand ready to work with all stakeholders to achieve this objective.

“The group said it had a plan in place to take advantage of the situation, and it would not be “playing politics.

“It said that advertisers could still show their ads on its platform and offer discounts to customers or give them information about its products.

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