How did you get started with the Advertising Industry Association?

With an eye toward the future, the Ad Hoc Advertising Industry Alliance is hoping to provide a framework for an organization with the mission of ensuring that digital advertising is as accessible as possible.

Its goal is to make sure that everyone who wants to be an advertising professional has access to the tools and resources they need to be successful.

As part of its effort, the association’s executive director, Matt Wurman, says that the organization is looking for companies that share its vision.

“The Ad HOC is committed to making the internet accessible and accessible to everyone,” he told us.

“We want to empower the best and brightest to be the innovators and the leaders.”

While Wurham doesn’t have specific numbers to share, we did find that Ad Houss is looking to partner with companies that have had experience building digital advertising platforms.

For example, one of the organization’s partners has already signed on with Google for its AdSense program, a system that allows companies to sell advertising to advertisers.

The partnership will allow the company to create and manage its own ad platform, so it can also work with Google to help its advertisers reach their target audiences.

The AdHoc has partnered with Google in the past, but the organization has also worked with several other companies.

For instance, in 2013, it partnered with the ad technology company Glam Media to help the company manage its ad network.

Wurmann said that the association has also collaborated with Facebook to develop its own advertising platform.

Wurman said that Google is also looking to add the AdHouss platform to the AdSense platform, which means that companies will be able to sell their ads on the company’s platform, and advertisers will have the option to advertise on that platform.

Google already has partnerships with the Association, including with Facebook and Twitter.

Wureman said there are two types of advertising: direct and sponsored.

Direct ads are designed to target specific segments of the consumer market, while sponsored ads are targeted at advertisers who have specific demographics.

The advertising industry is growing, so advertisers are looking to monetize their ads through the AdWords platform.

In addition to the direct and sponsorship deals, the industry is also working on other ways to build partnerships with third-party advertisers.

For advertisers, this means that they can target ads on their own platform, or on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, to target their audience.

“Advertising is growing at an exponential rate, and it’s important for companies like us to be able find and partner with the best advertisers in the world,” Wurmans said.

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