The best and worst ads from the week of March 1, 2018

By Rachel Kroll | MSNBC.comThe best and the worst ads for the week are back.

On Thursday, March 1st, it was the worst ad campaign.

On Friday, it’s the best.

On Saturday, March 2nd, it will be the best ad campaign in the history of ads.

And this time, it may be the worst.

In fact, it could be the most terrible campaign of them all.

For a few weeks now, we’ve been bombarded with the worst advertisements.

From the latest “I am your father” ad, to the most “bored” commercial of all time.

But these days, it seems the best ads are going to be the ones that are least annoying.

Here’s a list of the worst commercials of the week:Anadarko’s “The Way You Remind Me” was the #1 worst ad of the year, according to The New York Times.

(Adweek)The best ad for the month of March was “Towelie” from Kajal’s Kajala.

The ad, a “faux” look at how people “towel” the streets, didn’t do much to change our opinion of Kajals products.

(GQ)The worst ad was from The Good Wife.

(Huffington Post)This ad was created for a television commercial that ran on Fox News.

It showed the family of the late President John F. Kennedy having to fight off their children’s attacks on him.

The family was upset with Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1963, because he was “not their father.”

(The New York Post)It’s an old ad that shows a woman walking down the street in a red dress, but in this ad, it actually looks like a man, not a woman.

This is the worst advertisement in history, according the Advertising Age.

(TIME)The ad that cost the biggest spot at the Super Bowl, was from Budweiser.

(The Huffington Post)A commercial for Budweisers “Fountain of Youth” bottle featured the voice of an actress wearing a bikini, singing “My Baby, My Baby.”

In the ad, the actress is saying, “My baby, my baby.”

Budweises spokeswoman, Katie Rinehart, was furious that Budweissers “Fountains of Youth.”

“It was inappropriate, it wasn’t the best thing for Bud,” Rineharth said.

(CBS News)The biggest spot of the Superbowl was the ad from the “I Love You” song.

In this commercial, an aging couple sings the song.

The woman sings, “I love you.”

The man responds, “Thank you, but you know what?

You’re still mine.”

The singer, who appears to be in his 70s, sings, “[I] don’t want to be a burden, but I am.”

(Time)And then there’s “Lovin’ the Silence.”

In this ad from Dior, a young girl plays the role of a mother, saying, “[My husband] is still a virgin.

We’ve had sex.

We have children.

[I] want to tell him.

I want to let him know how much I love him.”

The song is a love song, and is about the idea that men are still “in their baby phases,” and that they should be the one who is still virginal.

(Kurt Eichenwald)It looks like the best spot for a Super Bowl ad was the one for Coca-Cola.

(TimeOut)The spot for the Coca-colas “Coke and Light” was an attempt to make a Coke-related statement about a recent murder, with an elderly couple sitting at the same table.

The man’s voiceover says, “This is not a joke.

This isn’t a joke.”

It’s hard to tell if this was supposed to be funny, or if it was meant to make the point that Coke is still the “world’s biggest drink.”

( the best commercial for the Super-bowl?

It’s from the Budweiseens “The Best Buds.”

In “The Budweises Best Bud,” the ad features a “Big Red” sign on the screen.

The red logo is a reference to the slogan, “Big Buds are great, Big Red Buds can kill.”

(ABC News)But that’s not the worst part.

The worst part?

It was the Buds’ “Favorites.”

According to Advertising Age, “favorites” are the most popular ads, which means they’re most likely to be seen on TV.

“Favors are not the most memorable commercials, because they don’t tell the story.

They’re about the product.

But they’re the most powerful advertising.”

(Advertising Age)The Buds have had some pretty

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