When the next Apple ad hits the screens?

It’s no secret that Apple is making some pretty big changes to the way it operates its online advertising, and while the company is still largely known for its iPad ads, the company has been working on new ways to reach the wider audience that Apple’s online ads reach.

Now, a new ad that debuted at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this week may have given us a glimpse of how the new Apple ad might look.

Dubbed “The Future Is Now,” the new ad features a pair of women sitting in an Apple car.

They’re surrounded by a group of cars, and one of the cars is decorated with a banner reading “The Next Apple Car,” which suggests that the next big Apple car is likely to be a convertible.

The banner is followed by a small, text-based message that reads: “We are all connected, now you just have to connect.

Let’s take the next step.”

The text-only message is followed in the ad by a shot of the car with a large Apple logo, which is accompanied by the following message: “The future is now.”

The banner then reads, “The next car will be a Ford Focus.”

The “Future Is Now” ad was created by digital marketing agency Apple.

It was released on Apple’s YouTube channel and Instagram page, with a number of people commenting on it.

In response, Apple has created a short video of a different version of the ad that you can see below:We know that Apple has been looking at ways to push the next-generation Apple Watch to the masses, and the “Future is Now” campaign could be a step toward that.

The ads also show off the new Siri voice assistant, which Apple is currently testing in select markets.

While the next version of Apple’s flagship product is still far off, it’s not clear if the ads will make it into the next iPhone.

That said, we’re all excited to see what Apple will come up with next.

Source: The Irish News via TechCrunch

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