Which country has the highest unemployment rate?

On Monday, National Geographic published a report on the unemployment rate in each of the 28 countries that make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

While unemployment is still higher in some countries than others, the unemployment figures are generally on par with the rest of the world.

Below are the top 25 countries that have the highest overall unemployment rate: 1.

United States, 10.4% Unemployment rate in the United States has been on a steady decline for a long time, but in recent months it has increased slightly to 10.6% from 10.3%.

It is not clear whether the uptick in unemployment has been due to a drop in the number of jobs created or the expiration of a temporary benefit program that allows some employers to keep people who are currently employed. 


Iceland, 9.3% Unemployment in Iceland, the fifth largest economy in the world, has dropped to 9.2% in October.

While the country still has the largest unemployment rate among OECD countries, it has seen the jobless rate drop to 10% from 12.6%. 


Iceland has the lowest unemployment rate, at 8.6%, but that is a bit of a misnomer since Iceland has more than three times as many people as the United Kingdom. 


Norway, 7.9% Unemployment is at a record low of 7.8% in Norway, which is the country that has the biggest percentage of its workforce working part-time. 


Denmark, 6.5% Unemployment has been at a low of 6.4%, the lowest it has been since 2007. 


Switzerland, 6% Unemployment rates in Switzerland have been steady for some time, with the last high was 7.4%. 


Ireland, 6-7% Unemployment declined to 6.7% in May, the lowest since January 2000. 


Germany, 6%, The unemployment rate is at its lowest level in seven years, according to the International Monetary Fund. 


Austria, 6,5% Austria is in a tough spot in the EU.

It has been struggling with a deep recession, and its unemployment rate has fallen to 5.4 percent from 5.6 percent a year ago. 


Slovenia, 6%-7% Slovenia has had a long, slow recovery and unemployment has fallen steadily to 6%, according to official figures. 


Estonia, 6%. 

Estonia has been hit hard by the collapse in oil prices, which have been one of the main drivers of the economic downturn.

But the government is struggling to implement reforms that have helped ease the downturn, such as higher taxes on business and more government spending on health and education. 


Lithuania, 6 percent Unemployment fell to 6 percent in April, but has since risen to 7.1%. 


Slovakia, 6 -7% Slovakia is facing a financial crisis, and the country’s unemployment rate was at a four-year high of 7 percent in January. 


Finland, 6 percentage points The unemployment rate dropped to 6-percent in May. 


Latvia, 6 The unemployment rates in Latvia, Latvia’s second-largest economy, fell to 7 percent from 7.2 percent a month earlier. 


Iceland and Finland, 5.8 percentage points Iceland and the Finns have been stuck in recession for a while.

They have seen unemployment rise to 7-percent from 6.3 percent. 


Portugal, 5-6.5 percent Portugal has had one of its worst years for unemployment in a decade. 


Spain, 5% Unemployment fell from 6 percent a quarter earlier to 5-percent last month, and is now 5.5-percent. 


Greece, 5 percent Unemployment in Greece has been stagnant for a number of years, but the country has recently been improving. 


Latvia and Estonia, 4.5 percentage points Latvia and the Baltic States have had a difficult recovery from the 2008-09 economic crisis.

But they are now making good progress. 


Portugal and Greece, 3.5 Percentage points The Portuguese and Greek governments have been working to tackle the economic crisis and unemployment. 


Norway and Switzerland, 2.5 Percent The unemployment in Norway and Sweden has been stable for years.

But unemployment has dropped below 5 percent for the first time since June 2007. 


Hungary, 2-3.5 % The Hungarian economy has seen steady growth in recent years. 


Spain and Portugal, 1.5%-2% Spain and the Portuguese economies are in recession, but Spain is still growing at a higher rate than Portugal. 


Norway and Sweden, 0.5 -1.5%.

The unemployment levels in the three countries have been below 1% for years, yet they are in a difficult situation.

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