The best and worst of ‘Frozen’ book ads

We’ve all heard of Frozen and heard of Anna and Elsa, but now we have another iconic Disney heroine to choose from: Princess Elsa.

Here are some of the best and most cringe-inducing book advertisements that have ever appeared in Australia.

A little over a year ago, Australian author and blogger, Rebecca Janson, decided to tackle one of the most popular and iconic book titles in Australian history: The Book of the Frozen.

The book is an award-winning book written by Princess Elsa, and it’s a must-have for any Disney fan.

Rebecca Jenson and her husband Andrew Janson have been publishing books and articles about Disney since they were children, and their newest book is entitled Frozen: The Frozen Book.

It was just a few years ago that Rebecca Jansons first published her book, Frozen: A Story of Two Frozen Seasons.

In it, she reveals that she, Andrew and their two daughters (who are all avid Disney fans) spend an entire winter sleeping in their living room as part of their winter holiday to Arendelle.

The book was written in 2012, and the couple were surprised to receive hundreds of responses to the book.

Some of the responses are so creative that it took them several months to write a story based on their favourite Disney characters.

“I remember one person asking, ‘Can I get your favourite book?

It’s a real treasure!'”

Rebecca Jansson told

In January, Rebecca posted an Instagram photo of her book cover and a book ad from Disney featuring Princess Elsa and Anna, complete with Elsa’s famous quote “If you can’t stand the cold, stay in bed.”

The cover of Frozen: Frozen Book, featuring Elsa and the rest of the gang, was posted on Facebook by Rebecca Jantsons daughter, Kelli, in January.

When Kelli read the book, she was immediately intrigued by the cover.

While the book may not have inspired many Frozen fans, the cover of the book has sparked an incredible response from readers.

“People loved the cover, but I also love that they thought it was a bit funny,” she said.

She then asked her mother if they could make the cover more Disney-y.

“Kelli just replied, ‘Oh, I can do that,’ and it was really fun!”

The response was overwhelming.

“They loved it!” she said, laughing.

Rebecca Janson is also a writer, and has written several book reviews and articles for News.

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