Which of the zimmerman’s ads will be the biggest?

Zimmerman ads have become so ubiquitous that we’re all seeing them in our Facebook feeds.

This week, the internet has become obsessed with the two of them, as both companies have been accused of promoting violence against women.

But Zimmermans ad campaign for the iPhone app, which features a woman being shot in the face, is perhaps its most notorious, with many arguing that it was an attack on women.

The adverts have sparked outrage from the internet, with some saying that the adverts were offensive and offensive to women.

This week, however, a spokesperson for Zimmermobiles, the company behind the ad, said that the video was actually a parody of the Zimmermaveric brand, which is made up of the initials ZM and is synonymous with extreme violence against men.

“We’re always proud of our work and the work of our partners on this campaign, which we hope reflects the true spirit of ZM,” said the spokesperson, who added that the brand would not be going down without a fight.

“It was not an ad about women.

It was an ad for a brand.

We were making a parody on ZM, but the ZM brand is about extreme violence and that’s what it was about.”

While many have dismissed the ad as a joke, others have criticised the company for not properly explaining the context of the ad.

The video, titled ‘Toxic Women: The Zimmerwoman’s Revenge’, is shot in a manner similar to that of a classic video game, and features the woman as a sniper who is able to fire deadly shots at a target.

The clip was first uploaded to Youtube last week, where it has been viewed nearly three million times.

In the clip, a man is seen firing a weapon at a woman, before a camera zooms in on a figure wearing a white lab coat.

In a subsequent video, the woman is seen getting shot in both eyes, and in the video’s caption, the video caption reads:”A woman who kills her husband.

A woman who murders her husband, and a woman who’s got a gun and kills her.

The gun goes off.”

The clip has been shared nearly 2,000 times, with users commenting on the clip and asking how they felt about the advert.

One person wrote:”You know how it is, you know how the internet likes to make things funny.

It’s like, ‘Oh, this was funny, it was funny’.

The way you do it, and how you do things is really stupid, but that’s how the world is.”

Another said:”I think you’re a little bit racist, I don’t know, I really don’t like the fact that you use the words ‘murdering’ and ‘gun’ in your ad.”

The ad has since been taken down from YouTube.

A spokesperson for the company said that it would not comment on individual ads, and instead referred questions to the ad’s creative director.

“The ad was created to satirise a certain brand, and we take it very seriously that the content and the words that appear in the ad are not taken as representing the views of ZimmerMobiles,” the spokesperson said.

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