How to avoid McDonalds ads in your own ad

A McDonalds advertisement for the Super Bowl has been pulled from Fox News’ YouTube channel amid an ongoing dispute between the channel and the company over copyright claims.

The ad, which features two men sitting on a bench in a crowded city street, features a slogan: “It’s not over until it’s over.

It’s the same everywhere.”

The video was pulled on Wednesday after the channel’s chief creative officer, Eric Peralta, said the company had been sued by McDonalds over a claim that it violated copyright by showing the ad during the Super Sunday festivities.

“McDonalds has never intended or claimed the Superbowl ad would be used to disparage or demean a competitor or otherwise violate copyright,” Peraltas said in a statement on Tuesday.

“This ad, featuring two men on a city street in a very crowded, crowded, and crowded place, was never intended to disparaging or demeaning a competitor.

We are reviewing this ad.”

The ad was originally featured on Fox’s “America’s Most Wanted,” but Peralts comments prompted a backlash on social media.

Fox News has said it had no role in the decision to pull the ad.

Peraltias also said the network has reached out to McDonalds for a “full refund.”

The Super Bowl commercial had been promoted by McDonald’s, which said it is “the nation’s most recognized and recognized brand,” and it included a message from the Superstar himself, who was seen holding up a sign saying “The World is Mine.”

The channel’s executive vice president of communications, Mike O’Connor, said that the company would not comment further on the matter.

Fox’s YouTube channel, the company’s official news service, was taken offline on Monday after it was hit by a denial of service attack.

Fox is not the first news outlet to be hit by the attack.

The New York Times’ YouTube feed was also taken offline after a denial-of-service attack that was attributed to a Russian cyberattack.

A similar denial-ofthed attack on the BBC website in August resulted in the website going offline for more than 24 hours.

Fox and CNN have both reported significant traffic drops in recent days, and CNN has been losing subscribers to the cable news channel.

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