When a video is watched, it’s almost always a reminder advertisement

A new video has hit the Internet that tells viewers how much they love to read and watch.

It’s called The Story of You and it’s been shared more than 8 million times.

Now it’s being shared again.

The video is titled “You’re Never Too Late for a Valentine’s Day Gift.”

The narrator is telling viewers the story of a woman who has had a baby with her boyfriend.

The video is a romantic comedy about a couple who fall in love and are waiting for a baby to arrive.

The narrator tells the story that she and her boyfriend are waiting, with the hope of having a baby.

The story starts when a woman is driving down the road and sees a man driving on a different side of the road.

She tells her boyfriend that she’s thinking about the baby.

He tells her that he wants to make her feel good about herself.

The woman then gets out of the car and walks to her boyfriends car.

The boyfriend then asks her to kiss the man on the cheek.

She agrees.

She kisses him on the lips and she’s able to hold him while he kisses her.

The next morning, she walks out the door and has her boyfriend leave.

The next day, she gets a text from her boyfriend saying that he left the baby with the woman.

She texts her friend saying, “I didn’t even want to leave that baby at home.

I just felt like I didn’t have to,” and that she wants the baby back.

Her friend, who has been with her for a while, texts her back and says, “You’ve been so sweet.

You didn’t deserve the baby.”

She texts back saying, I’ve been thinking about you and you’re the one who made me feel so good.

She’s been so grateful for you and it just felt right.

The man has since been arrested for felony battery.

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